Download The Best School Fundraising & Resource Companies Guide

Download The Best School Fundraising & Resource Companies Guide

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Our hope is the guide will:

  1. Simplify your fundraising ideas search.
  2. Give you exposure to companies all over the country (not just those in your state or local area) that are doing amazing things for schools and their kids.
  3. Get you thinking out of the box a little bit, maybe.

This guide is our way to share what we’ve discovered in podcast interview conversations with 100’s of incredible fundraising companies over the past few years.  These conversations provide valuable insights and information that most may never have heard of. Companies who encourage literacy and reading, while raising money for schools; or a company, who encourages running and fitness, that is run by, a men-tee, and friend of the winningest NCAA basketball coach in history, John Wooten.

Simply share with us a little information about you and click the link above and to the right for this FREE download.  Your information is safe with us and won’t be shared or sold to anyone.

Once done, welcome to the School Zone!  It’s my hope we can all learn lots of cool things together as we provide a better tomorrow for our schools and the kids in them!

Matt Miller
Host, School Zone: School Fundraising Ideas Podcast
May, 2017

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