2017 Fundraising Idea #10

Fan-Wear is a fan wear/spirit wear company bringing new and innovative products to the fan wear industry, in particular to schools and colleges. Their focus is on providing customizable products such as sneakers and arm sleeves for colleges and school aged students and fans of all ages. Fan wear is the premium provider for fundraising programs using customized sneakers and arm sleeves for high schools middle schools and elementary schools as well as causes and corporations. Fan wear is located in Colleyville Texas and is family owned.

We’re taking a product such as sneakers that is already being purchased, and fancying it up with images that the schools are providing. A product that people are already spending money on that also drives the school spirit. One plus with this fundraiser is that there is no up-front cost: You don’t have to buy a hundred pairs and then try to sell them; it’s all at the time of order after you’ve taken everybody’s order that wants to purchase. We do not determine the selling price for the product; we allow the schools to decide what to charge. As a general guideline the collegiate image sneakers in the market place sell for $60 as an MSRP, so we recommend that as a base price to the schools. We share a royalty for each sale that is done with that school or with that club that we are working with.

Armsleeves Product:

  • 100% Made in USA
  • 4 sizes  – fits @ age 10- large football player
  • Made of soft spandex/moisture wicking nylon – POLYESTER FREE
  • Rated at UPF 50+  – highest rate for garment regarding sunblocking – no need to wear sublock wioth our sleeves on
  • Made for sporting fans – outdoors and indoors
  • Keeps the skin dry and therefore keeps it cooler than the other areas.
  • Have the ability to apply virtually any logo or image that someone can create or ask us to create.
  • Have 28 colors of sleeves to choose from

Great for:

  • Outdoor fans in any sport: football, baseball, golf, soccer, tennis, fastball, swimming, etc.
  • Runners, walkers, gardeners, etc.

Easy to order:

  • Minimum order of 12 pair
  • Includes image ( customer provided or created by us)
  • Mix and match sizes, colors
  • 2 days-2 weeks order fulfillment

Custom Sneakers

  • High quality canvass sneakers
  • Low cut
  • 5 colors to select
  • Sizes are unisex;
  • Men’s:      sz    3 – 12
  • Women’s: sz 4.5 – 13.5
  • Youth: sz Y3-Y2
  • Customer provides image or asks us to create one for them
  • Order fulfillment from 2 days-2 weeks
  • Program Minimum Order: 12 pair ( but will do individual pair orders)

Created our Unique Fundraising program called Custom School Kicks™

As parents, we have had our share of our children having to raise money for their activities. We wanted to have product and program that are used in daily lives for more than one activity ( everyone wears tennis shoes). We wanted to provide as much support for the selling group as possible.

Program Highlights

  • No money down
  • Customer created logo/image – or we can create the image for them
  • Once image is approved, we create prototype for approval
  • We then create custom selling forms for the school, club or organization- with image of the sneaker so te person selling can show what they are buying
  • The group pre-sells the program over 21-28 days
  • They place their order -pay wholesale imaged rates – pricing gets lower with volume of pairs ordered
  • No Minimum Order ( price breaks begin at 50 pair)
  • We deliver <2 weeks later

Schools can make thousands of dollars FUNDRAISING a product nearly everyone will buy each year- and promote school spirit and branding.

Contact Fan-Wear

Phone: 1 (844) 695-4257

Website: https://fan-wear.com/

Email: sales@fan-wear.com

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