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Elfundo with Trevor Murray

Your organization needs to do a fundraiser, again. Do you feel like you’ve worn out your welcome with the local businesses by asking them for more money? Elefundo can take care of that with a fundraiser that benefits both the school and local businesses.

“Smart fundraising. Massive results.” – Elefundo

There are 3 ways to make this happen, through their Shop To Save, Silent Auction, and Donate Now programs which take little effort to set up. As people in the schools or community purchase items they would probably buy anyway, both your organization and the business benefit when Elefundo is involved. There is no start date and no end date so you can be fundraising all year round. Which means, as people come and go through your group within the year, there’s no reason to need to “start over” or “regroup” with another fundraiser. Elefundo just keeps on going!

School Zone Podcast welcomes Trevor Murray to the Zone! Listen with us as we learn how to fundraise benefit the school and community with little effort.

Website: Elefundo.com

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