2017 Fundraising Idea #5

Cheri Sinclair is a franchisee of Kona Ice in the Houston area. If you’re looking for a great way to fund raise for your schools Kona Ice is the way to go. 44 states and has over 700 trucks nationwide. It’s easy, fun and the kids love it and the teachers don’t mind it either, they think it’s pretty yummy! We can pretty much work with any school, elementary middle or high school.

Using KONA ice is super simple and this is what the schools love about us. You basically tell us where to park, we bring all the supplies, do all the work, and then write you a check back for a percentage of our sales. Our trucks are totally self-contained, not requiring water or power, and they can park virtually anywhere. We can serve up to 400 people an hour so we can get through an entire school very quickly. Schools main issue is trying to get volunteers for their fundraising, with KONA ice we don’t need a volunteer, we only need where to park, and who to write the check to.

The Kona ice of Houston Franchise services inside of beltway 8 but we also serve Baytown, Channel View, North Shore, and a portion of Pasadena. Go to Kona-ice.com and click find a Kona, type in your zip code and it will pull up your closest franchisee.

Contact Kona Ice of Houston

Phone: 713.864.4747

Website: http://www.kona-ice.com/

Email: cherie@kona-ice.com

Find a Kona: https://www.kona-ice.com/contact/

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