2017 Fundraising Idea #9

Today, School Zone Podcast welcomes Kammie Bilardello from My School Color Run.

Our CEO, Brian Duncanson started the company. He has been involved in obstacle races and even runs marathons himself. So he has always had a background in the running industry. After attending a Color Run himself, he realized that it would be a great and fun way to fundraise for schools. It is a simple, entertaining, enjoyable way to make funds for schools in a way that the kids love to participate in.

Brian took the initiative to test run a Color Run himself with several other employees, and the results went over very well. From there he grew the company from just 7 events to now over 500.

What is unique about our program is that we work with any clubs or organizations who want to host an event; they can customize it however they want. My School Color Run is a fundraising program that helps schools or organizations set up a Color Run at their location. We provide all the tools you need to host the event yourself. This includes a full program guide that helps explain what you need to know about hosting an event from start to finish. We put together an online registration site for schools to use, and provide guidance on how to successfully execute the fundraiser. It is a twelve week process during which there will be promotions, schools seek business sponsors, and students can raise money as well.

One hundred percent of the fundraising will go to back to the school. It costs twelve dollars per person, including the t-shirts, color packets, race bibs, and flyers. Anything the school decides to charge that costs above the twelve dollars will go directly back to them. Most schools charge around twenty five dollars and up. In addition, on the day of the event some schools set up music and food sales for more funds.

My School Color Run especially prides ourselves in our customer service. We have a full time personal support staff who contacts the schools via text, phone call, or email any time they need help with their program.

There are two ways for schools to choose from to get people to sign up for the event. There is the paper registration form that we customize for their event. The other version is the online component that is very user-friendly and sets up the funds that go directly back to the schools.

Anyone with questions or inquiries in partnering with us is welcome to contact us through myschoolcolorrun.com. There is an option to sign up to which will provide them with a brochure to download, or a phone contact as well.

Contact My School Color Run

Phone: 1 (772) 207-1005

Website: myschoolcolorrun.com

Email: info@myschoolcolorrun.com

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