2017 Resource Idea #4

The School Zone Podcast is excited to interview Tim Wambach from “Handicap This!” on this episode of the podcast.

We turned our story into a two man staged show called Handicap this!” We use Mike’s and I’s relationship as a kind of the thread that goes through the needle of the show. Mike has cerebral palsy and has virtually no movement in his arms and legs. Through the years we formed a special relationship and navigated the water of special needs together. We eventually started telling our story to a wide variety of groups that led to the two-man show. The core message we share is inclusion and acceptance, and we do it in an entertaining and fun way.

Colleges tend to be our best audience, but we hit every audience K-12, college, and organizations. We just tailor our message depending on the group. The show plays best in a theater, but we’ve done the show in a variety of places. Two hundred people is typically the lowest you’d want to go from the cost prospective thing, the bigger the audience the better!

We’ve created an online program for middle schools and high schools so they can access our shows via the internet. So we can be in five schools in one afternoon and we don’t even have to be there. We are getting great feedback from the online program! The show is educational, empowering, and entertaining and our message promotes inclusion, combats bullying, and builds community.

Here’s a great video showing more about Tim and Mike’s school program.

Tim is Lead Actor, Managing Director and Founding member of Handicap
This, President of the Keep On Keeping On Foundation, Tim was a
counselor for 13 years at a Summer Camp for Special Education
students. Tim graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a
BA in Speech/Communications.

He has worked as Youth Director for St. Mary of the Woods (Chicago),
Sales Rep for elementary textbooks, speaker for National Financial
Educators, Speech Coach at Glenbrook South High School, and trainer
for Next Level Consulting providing training services for Fortune 500

Tim authored the book “How We Roll” in March of 2010, a book
describing his relationship with Mike Berkson. Tim ran 717 miles
between Orlando, FL and Chicago, IL in August of 2005 to raise
awareness for Cerebral Palsy.In 2006, Dr. Bernard Brommel, retired
speech professor of NEIU, dedicated a scholarship in Tim’s name for
students overcoming great odds.

Currently Tim travels the country spreading awareness for inclusion
and acceptance to middle schools, high schools, colleges, and

Contact Handicap This!

Tim Wambach

1 (847) 322-1297

Is Your Mind Handicap Accessible?

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