2018 Fundraising #1

Put the Focus on Fitness and Fundraising with Apex Leadership Company

Energize your school, club team, group or organization with a dynamic student leadership curriculum and fundraising program.

Apex Leadership Company delivers a unique opportunity to engage students in exercise while raising money for their schools and organizations. Unlike most running-based fundraisers, Apex brings trained professionals directly to the school or participating organization. They foster positive attitudes in students and build lifelong leaders, all while raising record funds with their online giving platform.

One of the objectives of the Apex team is to provide a healthy and hassle-free fundraiser that can directly benefit students, teachers, and school administrators. Years ago, the Apex founders noticed an alarming trend in which school districts were cutting funds for physical education classes and subsequently hosting product-based fundraisers that involved selling unhealthy foods door-to-door. To combat this they developed a program that encourages exercise and eliminates the need for product-based fundraising.

Apex Leadership Company was built out of Apex Fun Run. As client needs and the market continued to grow and change, Apex grew and changed with their needs. Apex Leadership Company reflects the more broad vision and array of services now available through Apex Leadership Company. Apex now serves middle schools, sports teams, clubs, and other organizations with the Anython platform. Additionally, elementary schools have the option of a serve-a-thon or remix program dance-a-thon—and as always, the fun run is always a successful event model for raising funds and promoting exercise.

Apex Fun Run—the initial event developed by Apex Leadership Company—combines a two-week fundraising program based on social media with a student fun run. High-energy team leaders encourage students to reach their potential not only in terms of fundraising and the race itself, but other essential characteristics such as respect, accountability, and more.

Much like the Apex Fun Run, Apex Remix features a two-week fundraising period leading up to the main event—a fun themed dance party hosted by the Apex team.

Apex Serve is a two-week fundraising program that reinforces the importance of kindness, caring, love, and service. Students perform up to 36 random acts of kindness toward other students, teachers, families, and the community while raising money for their schools.

Another Apex offering is Anython, a program dedicated to helping individuals and organizations raise money through technology. Through this online fundraiser, donors are encouraged to pledge a dollar amount or a flat donation to participating individuals or groups.

Combining the Anython fundraising platform with Apex Fun Run’s two-week program and encouraging team members is the Color Battle. This program includes an energetic pep rally and culminates in a Color Battle social event featuring music, games promoting teamwork, and an “all out color throwing” extravaganza.

The Apex team always puts a strong emphasis on having and showing respect for teachers as leaders and resources to help students learn and grow into leaders themselves. Apex also provides teachers an opportunity to cover out-of-pocket costs that they spend on classroom supplies each year by keeping a percentage of the funds their class raises through the Apex Fun Run.

Apex staff members are a close-knit unit of high-energy former athletes and coaches. Each Apex employee is trained specifically to motivate and educate children in the areas of leadership, fitness, and positivity.

Apex fundraisers are highly successful because school-wide participation raises the fundraising ceiling of typical product-based fundraisers. The time-sensitive program and dedicated Fun Run date keep students focused on their fundraising goals.

Every fun run student participant has the opportunity to earn rewards on a per-lap prize-based system. All students also receive a fun run shirt that represents that year’s curriculum theme.

The program works particularly well in elementary schools, as most students are eager to learn about health and exercise, and often see the Apex team members in a superhero-esque light. The energized curriculum and engaging personalities of Apex leaders spur high levels of excitement and participation from students.

Apex Leadership Company is fueled by a passion for instilling core leadership traits in young students and raising money for schools across America, regardless of size or demographics.

Contact Information

Website: https://apexfunrun.com/

Phone: 602-300-9271

Email: lisa@apexfunrun.com

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