2018 Fundraising #10

The School Zone Podcast welcomes Paul Landers of WeFund4U to the School Zone as he shares how WeFund4U is leveraging technology to simplify the fundraising process and raise more money for you and your school. Founded by Paul and his business partner in early 2016, We Fund4U is a crowd social media fundraising platform that takes advantage of technology and social media platforms to help raise funds for any type of school team or club organization. Whether your school needs funds for the band, clubs, or sports teams, We Fund4U can help.  

Instead of having to run and host an event to help raise funds, WeFund4U  has made it easy to fundraise by creating a custom page for your school, which the school and students are provided access to. Once given access, students and staff can then promote the cause via email so that people in their community can donate. Surprisingly, people donate on average about sixty-five dollars using this platform versus the typical twenty to twenty-five dollars for a typical coupon book or cookie dough that most schools will sell as a fundraiser. Another neat feature that the WeFund4U fundraising platform provides, is the ability for the administrator(s) to oversee individual student activity and contributions. This allows them to address students that are not participating and encourage those who are heavily involved and promoting the cause well.  

If you or your school is interested in taking their fundraising to the next level by getting started up with We Fund4U, you can contact them at: (888) 239-0355, email them at: info@wefund4u.com, or hop on their website at: www.wefund4u.com.

Contact Information

Website: www.wefund4u.com

Email: info@WeFund4U.com

Phone: (888) 239-0355

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