2018 Fundraising #6

In this episode of the podcast, School Zone Podcast discusses healthy school fundraising with Jose Madrid Salsa!

Joining Matt at the mic is company founder, Mike Zakany. Initially started out of the basement of Mike’s Mexican restaurant; Jose Madrid Salsa quickly became an impressive gourmet salsa that took over the salsa marketplace in Canada and the United States, winning numerous awards and nominations for their delectable salsas. Now with 25 flavors of mild, medium, spicy, and even fruity salsas, their variety and incredible flavors have taken over the salsa industry.  

Jose Madrid Salsa’s many accolades include:

  • “Best Salsa in Canada at the Fancy Food Show”
  • “Best Salsa at the Fiery Food Show in Albuquerque, New Mexico”
  • “Best Verde Salsa at The Salsa Shoot Out in Fort Worth, Texas”

Fifteen years after the company began; Mike decided he wanted to do more with the success of his company and give back to others. Jose Madrid Salsa transitioned to a fundraising model using salsa to help raise money for schools. The company offers 3 fundraising models called Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C. The most common plan for schools to use allows schools to pre-sell individual jars at $6 with half of all sales going back to benefit the school. Plan B on the other hand, allows the school to buy a quantity in bulk and then sell them individually. Finally, Plan C allows schools to pre-sell salsa buy the case instead of the individual jar.

Whether you like it fiery hot, moderately spicy or mild, Jose Madrid Salsa aims to turn up the heat on your school fundraising with their blue ribbon assortment of salsas paired with the world’s best customer service. With profit margins of 50% and a healthy twist, sports teams, schools and clubs give the Jose Madrid Salsa Fundraiser high marks. Do not miss out on this one-of-a-kind fundraising opportunity! 

Interested in participating in the Jose Madrid Salsa Fundraiser? These specifics will get you started.

  1. Visit josemadridsalsafundraising.com and download information and forms to decide on fundraiser type you would like to participate in.
  2. There are three types of fundraising called plan A-B-or plan C.
  3. Plan A is the most popular with three choices of forms to download that has either all 25 salsas, the top 16 FR salsas, or the top 9 FR salsas.
  4. If your school or organization needs additional information or further explanation e-mail or call Jose Madrid Salsa.
  5. If you would like to request samples for your school we can send free samples at anytime.
  6. The two biggest incentives we have are that we sell salsa to you at $3.00 a jar and suggest you sell at $6.00 a jar.
  7. This also includes free shipping anywhere in the continental US, so that means this is a 50% profit fundraiser to you.
  8. All questions and answers will be give within 24 hours 6 days a week.
  9. Delivery averages 5 days after receiving check or charge from school.
  10. We find out all needs of the school and truck lines and coordinate receiving product on time and notifying correct people.
  11. We have a follow up call to see if everything is correct and if anything else needs to happen. We make corrections within 24 hours of any corrections.

Contact Information

Website: https://www.josemadridsalsafundraising.com/

Phone: 614-208-9982

Email: mike@josemadridsalsa.com

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