2018 Resource #1

Daniel Bauer is the founder and head of Better Leaders Better Schools. This business is designed to connect excellent leaders in education and promote leadership development. He is committed to developing staff members to their fullest potential; knowing that the impact of a highly functioning staff has on a student body is priceless.

Better Leaders Better Schools: the podcast and blog are about leadership within schools geared toward teachers, staff, and coaches, but is also beneficial for parents and students. I also run a weekly mastermind group for school leaders. Another program I just started is something called a leadership sprint, which I run once a quarter. It’s a 2.5 hour leadership experience where I record eight videos in which I talk about leadership from a variety of perspectives: it’s run through something called the slack app. I’ll drop in those 8 videos one at a time, and then after a short video I have different question props. It’s just a place to be authentic, vulnerable, and to think about leadership in a deep way. You might make some new friends in the chat room as well.

A mastermind group- you share your ideas within a community and you get great feedback and questions that help you think through and process whatever it is you’re trying to do. So for me in the school leader context it’s just a regular 1 hour meeting once a week. We share our struggles and wins for the week, and we read through different leadership books really try to get inspired there. It’s all about community; you’re going to be better off if you open up to people and regularly connect with them.

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