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Amanda Lewis: World’s Finest Chocolate

She is energetic, driven and fun! From the floor of the LAUNCH Texas PTA Seminar, The School Zone Podcast welcomes Amanda Lewis and World’s Finest Chocolate to the podcast!

Amanda and her team are exhibitors at the LAUNCH event hoping to get the word out about the World’s Finest Chocolate fundraising program. The World’s Finest Chocolate company has raised an incredible $40 billion for schools.

Amanda’s father started with the company years ago and brought Amanda and on the team years ago. Her territory includes about 3 million people. They work in elementary, middle and high schools, sororities, fraternities, churches and even with individual families needing to come up with the money for fees for their kids.

Everyone knows World’s Finest Chocolate and it makes them feel good to buy a $2 chocolate bar to help support a good cause.

We make our program really easy for the schools. There is no money upfront from schools so there is very little risk involved. We take back returns. We are local. If you communicate properly, you’re able to fund a semester or even a year in just 10 days.

Chocolate bar flavors include chocolate almond, crunch, dark chocolate, caramel, mint, chocolate raisin and pure milk chocolate.

Being part of this company feels like a family. I grew up around the company. It was empowering to see my father succeed with World Finest Chocolate.

If you and your school would like to learn more about the World’s Finest Chocolate fundraising program, please contact us today.


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