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Epic Entertainment with Taylor Griswold and Daniel Monplaisir

Hello and welcome to the School Zone with Matt Miller! Joining Matt this week to talk about a creative, fun, and engaging learning opportunity for public schools is the dynamic entertainment duo, Taylor Griswold and Daniel Monplaisir of Epic Entertainment.

With social media, video games, and movies that our kids have access to these days, it’s harder than ever to keep them engaged in a classroom. In addition to that, those same social media outlets, videos games, and movies that are shortening this attention span of this generation are often filled with content that is inappropriate for K-12th graders. Epic Entertainment has found a way to engage kids by means of motivational school assemblies to speak with them about hard topics like: bullying, kindness, stress, anxiety, and self-esteem, while encapsulating the positive message with skits and games.

        “We try to find a way to provide the maximum impact by mixing in the fun and putting in the                                         message at very strategic point throughout the show so that it sticks.”                                – Taylor Griswold & Daniel Monplaisir

Although they formally allow each school to choose through their library of 8-10 different skits, they always ask schools what the kids in their school have the biggest need to hear. Then, they try to adjust the skit accordingly to fit those particular needs for the school – it’s all about the kids!

“We don’t do it for the income, we do it for the outcome.”   – Taylor Griswold 

If you, your school, or organization is interested in learning more about Epic Entertainment, you can get more info or email them here:

Website: www.EpicSchoolShows.com

Phone: 512-619-4345.

Thank you for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week and unpacking yet another amazing opportunity for your school! We look forward to having you join Matt in the School Zone next time!

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