Featured in the Guide Series: Daniel Bauer-Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap

Welcome to School Zone Podcast with Matt Miller.  We’re glad that you’re here. Matt’s guest today is his good friend Daniel Bauer- aka Danny Sunshine Bauer- host of the Better Leaders, Better Schools podcast.  In an all new interview, we caught up to Danny in his virtual office in Haarlem, Netherlands just west of Amsterdam.

How do you build a healthy culture? How do you build dynamic teams?  And then how do you lead them well?  What about tough situations and conflict? How do you handle that?  Often school leaders are on their own when it comes to navigating these choppy waters.

Daniel’s leadership community, also called a Mastermind group, helps school leaders fight isolation and frustration in order to gain clarity and find solutions to their greatest challenges.

Danny’s crystal-clear vision is two-fold:  He wants to coach and create content for school leaders and business owners.

In his Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast he talks with awesome leaders every week.  In these authentic conversations, Danny identifies the “super power” habits of these top performers in the education space—learning from their successes, failures and best practices.

In his other podcast—the School Leadership Series Podcast—Danny offers a daily 5 minute or less Alexa Flash Briefing (but also available on iTunes) that is designed as a jolt of energy for school leaders before they head to work.  In 2019, Danny is eager to begin partnering with the awesome and diverse people that he has met in the education space giving them a platform to share value.  As a result, his expectation is that the education industry is going to win, the leaders are going to win and best of all, the students are going to win.

And don’t forget Danny’s new book, Better Leaders Better Schools Roadmap: Small Ideas that Lead to Big Impact, which is available on Amazon.  This book is about small actionable steps that heroic school leaders can take to make a BIG IMPACT in their building creating a legendary school.

If you are interested in joining a mastermind, want more info about Danny Sunshine Bauer and the awesome work he is doing, or simply interested in helping your school administration or staff get to the places they need to be, go to:


Thank you for joining Matt for another great School Zone episode.

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