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Freedoms Foundation with David Harmer

Welcome to School Zone with Matt Miller! Joining Matt today in the School Zone is David Harmer with Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.

Founded in 1949 by E.F. Hutton, Don Belding, Kenneth Wells, and General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Freedoms Foundation is located on 72-acres in the heart of Valley Forge. They are a national educational non-profit welcoming thousands of people a year to participate in programs to encourage engaged, responsible citizenship. Their passion is to help the rising generation to:

  • Understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship
  • Honor exemplary citizenship
  • Reject apathy
  • Get involved in good ways

“Shared heritage…is incalculably worth more in value than the relatively superficial things that divide us.” – David Harmer

Freedoms Foundation emphasizes to students that freedom and responsibility are mutual and inseparable. If you want to enjoy the former you have to exercise the latter.  Our liberty rests, and our republic depends, on a mutual respect of rights and a mutual willingness to assume these responsibilities.

Freedoms Foundation offers a program called Spirit of America to High School Juniors. This is a four-day conference where students interact with experts on citizenship, democracy, the free enterprise system, judicial system, and the American political process. It provides thought-provoking lectures, historical tours, and the experimental workshops which are designed to develop leadership skills and deepen an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of engaged citizenship.

For teachers of any grade, they offer professional development programs which include Regional Seminars, Valley Forge Seminars, and Traveling workshops.

Scholarships are available for all programs offered through Freedoms Foundations at Valley Forge.

“Freedoms Foundation loves giving teachers an opportunity to be students, and students the finest teachers.” – David Harmer

To find out more about this incredible resource, you can contact them at:


Thank you for joining us today in the School Zone with Matt Miller. We encourage you to do something thing today to become a better citizen. Maybe it will be contagious!

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