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Gina Klakamp: PTA Fundraising Considerations

With 21 years of teaching experience and 12 years on the PTA board, Gina Klakamp knows the needs of schools and the value a successful fundraising company can bring. Join us for today’s School Zone Podcast episode as Matt and Gina discuss important fundraising considerations for today’s PTA’s.

School Zone Podcast welcomes Gina Klakamp, an educator and member of the PTA from Northlake Elementary School.

Our campus is Title I, consisting of primarily working-class and bilingual clientele. Our PTA at Nothlake has been looking for fundraisers that allow members of our PTA to help out more with less workload.  We looked for several different companies to help us with supporting this kind of fundraiser.

Our students lack high socioeconomic statuses and most have free and reduced lunch. This means many of these families are low-income. So while many cannot afford fundraisers that other schools support like selling wrapping paper, for example, they can scrounge up fifty cents from the couch cushions to buy stickers. A fundraiser that is not out of their price range is very important and proves to be most successful in a Title I school.


Gina Klakamp, PTA at Northlake Elementary

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