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Jeff Ames: Photopog

School Zone Podcast is excited to welcome Jeff Ames from Oklahoma with the company PhotoPog.

We’ve been in development for a few years, but we just launched our PhotoPog products. Our website is live and we encourage you to check it out.

We saw a need for a way to help pay for the pocket expenses that parents have to afford for school fundraising. We wanted to create something that you don’t have to carry around, keep frozen, or keep refrigerated. We are a manufacturer of plastic gift cards, so we already had the equipment to create this new product.

It is a completely customized and personalized product. If you are virtually selling a gift card to your fundraising target, you take that money back to the schools and they pay back to PhotoPog their percentage. Schools have a forty percent margin.

Then the consumer goes online at their leisure to use it whenever they want to purchase the customized product. This includes photo mats and bag tags.

Our owner bought into this company in 1969 to produce double-sided tape. Then, years later, we invented a gift card to solve a problem with gift certificates at Blockbuster. In addition, we launched the Pet Perch program at Pets Mart, and the Mexican Voter Registration program.

This product is very easy to set up. We can set up a landing page for your products in a day. The cards can be delivered immediately; you can choose what you want to purchase and when you want to purchase it. In addition, the shipping and delivery is completely free.

This is not strictly for school PTAs. We also have interest from girl scouts, boy scouts, baseball, and cheerleading. Our product is flexible and is used for a variety of different fundraisers.


Contact Information:

Jeff Ames


Phone: 405-726-2980


Whether it’s one of our customized Booster Badges to support your favorite athlete or a PhotoPog Mat hanging on your wall, you will not find a more durable and long lasting photo keepsake.

Started in 2016, Photopog is a unique offering of personalized photo keepsakes that make the giving and printing of photos fun again.  And for schools, it’s an easy fundraiser that avoids perishable food or heavy lifting.  Your students can sell gift cards redeemable for products at  Schools and charities keep 40% of all funds raised.  Even shipping is included for all products and delivery to the consumer is also handled by Photopog.  We’ve made it simple to help schools focus on the fundraising, we cover the rest!

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