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Square 1 Art with Suzanne Liszt

On today’s episode of the School Zone Podcast, Matt Miller explores school fundraising with Square 1 Art. Susanne List, Senior Account Manager with Square 1 Art, joins Matt for a colorful conversation about raising school funds by showcasing student’s masterpieces!

Square 1 Art offers a unique concept enabling children to have their own art featured on any of the 45+ products that Square 1 Art has the capability to print on. Parents are given the opportunity to buy these products with their child’s art on them to raise funds for their school. Square 1 Art’s custom products range from key chains, to tote bags, canvas art prints, coffee mugs, and a variety of other high-quality products. This easy, one-coordinator fundraiser, is a great way to raise funds for your school’s art program while promoting the arts in your school.  

Once a school signs up for the fundraiser, the school will be sent a toolbox with high quality art paper for students to create their art on, a coordinator’s handbook, pre-paid UPS labels, a shipping packet to ship the art in, and online video tutorials to help answer any questions that coordinators might have. After students complete their artwork, they receive a color, custom catalog with their name and artwork on the front as well as a set of 20 free stickers featuring their masterpieces. Parents are then given a unique art code to enter on the Square 1 Art website, enabling them to view their child’s artwork on all of the items in the Square 1 Art line of products. The fundraiser itself usually takes 4-6 weeks on the school’s part, but once Square 1 receives the artwork from the school, the school receives each student’s custom catalog and custom stickers within 7-8 days. Once parent’s custom product orders are placed, it typically takes around 12 days to have these custom products delivered to the school.  

If you or your school/PTA is interested in this one-of-a-kind fundraising opportunity, you can easily get involved by simply contacting Square 1 Art by phone at: 888-332-3294 or by logging onto their website at www.square1art.com.

Thanks for joining us in the School Zone this week!  

Fundraising through the visual arts has never been so simple! Earn funds for your school – all by turning student artwork into memorable keepsakes and gifts. Our Square 1 Art fundraiser requires NO upfront costs, we supply FREE art paper, FREE promotional items, profit up to 38%, and the ability to earn year-round profit.” www.square1art.com

Matt Miller Explores School Fundraising With Square 1 Art


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