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New Avon with Linda Law

Joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week is Linda Law of the new Avon. Although Avon has been around for 130 years, Linda is here to talk about a new twist that can help your school raise fund for simply selling basic daily care items.

Avon is easily one of the best fundraisers out there, by simply selling daily care beauty and hygiene products like chap sticks and deodorants at normal prices, generating 40% earnings for the school, which is much higher than a typical product sale based fundraiser. The entire fundraiser typically only lasts two weeks to ensure that the customers get their products back fairly quickly. Additionally, Avon has worked to make it an extremely versatile fundraiser, which allows the school to run a pre-order model or to purchase the products in bulk and sell based off of that supply.

Running an Avon Fundraiser is extremely simple for the everyone involved. Once you or your school decides to get started with the new Avon, your representative will throw a kick-off party for your school to introduce the fundraiser to the kids, with prizes to help get them excited about selling the products. Like any fundraiser, the more excited the kids are about selling, the more funds will be raised.Additionally, Avon offers several other opportunities for the schools besides the fundraiser. For younger ages students, they provide a hygiene component which is when the Avon representative for the school will come in and give a demonstration for younger kids and explain the importance of personal hygiene.

For the older kids, Avon provides a S.T.E.M. component, which is when their school’s Avon representative will come in and talk about the science behind the products. As if those aren’t enough, they also provide a scholarship opportunity for the kids.If you or your school is interested in becoming a representative or getting your school started up with New Avon, you can reach Linda on her website:


Phone: 469-394-3294

Thanks for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week! See you next time!

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