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The Ocean Adventure with Wayne Brown

The School Zone Podcast welcomes Wayne Brown and his program The Ocean Adventure to the podcast. Wayne, a marine biologist, and his wife Karen have been inspiring students and encouraging ocean literacy for 27 years with their underwater adventure programs.

Wayne’s interest in the underwater world began with a love for scuba diving. As a college student he had the rare the opportunity to meet and work with Jacques Cousteau and one of his sons. He later became a diving instructor and pursued an education in marine biology. Wayne was encouraged to share his love for the sea and his expertise with students and today The Ocean Adventure travels coast to coast visiting schools, libraries, museums and even the Smithsonian Institute.

Wayne and Karen offer programs for all age levels, but focus primarily on K-8 schools. There are 8 programs available to audiences. The Australia Great White Shark Expedition is the most popular program because of the subject matter and The Norway Polar Bear Expedition show with polar bears is the newest program offering. Programs offer show and tell with props,  models and footage from expeditions. Large inflatable animals always make a big showing during the programs. A teacher’s curriculum guide and student workbook are also available so teachers and students have the opportunity to explore the subject in depth at home or in the classroom. When parents get excited about the program, some schools make a family fun night out of it.

The Ocean Adventure programs can entertain and inspire groups from 100 to 600 students and the team travels anywhere. For more information on programs and scheduling a visit to your school, visit


Wayne & Karen Brown have been bringing the excitement, beauty and wonder of nature under the sea to audiences for over 20 years. They are experts on the ocean environment with over 30 years of experience exploring the oceans of the world. Wayne and Karen bring their expertise as marine researchers, educators, and award-winning photographers to The Ocean Adventure presentations.

The oceans come to you with our unique, nationally-acclaimed virtual underwater expeditions. Ocean explorers, Wayne and Karen Brown, bring their world-wide ocean explorations to life with their high-energy, fast-paced, multimedia presentations that combine actual specimens, biological models, life-sized (or larger-than-life) inflatable animals, unique props, costumes, creative dramatics, storytelling techniques, high-tech SCUBA diving equipment, audience participation, and breathtaking underwater photography.

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Phone Number: (800) 760-6089

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