SZP Major Nippy Betz Scholarship Leadership Institute

Scholarship Leadership Institute Update with Major Nippy Betz

The rising costs of college can be discouraging for both the student and the parents, causing them to have to decide if furthering their education is even an option. Nippy Betz would say that YES!, it is indeed an option. As a former Commander in the Air Force, Nippy understands the value of diligence with both resources and time. And when he tells us that there are scholarships for everyone, we believe him.

The Scholarship Leadership Institute wants to help your student graduate from college debt-free and they are determined, with a focused effort, to help you get that done. They offer a One-On-One Program, Scholarship Academy, Bootcamp, and more. They have helped 1000’s get some scholarships, 100’s get 6 figures, and over 150 get “over payments” which is basically getting PAID to go to school. And Jr. High is NOT TOO SOON!! The sooner you start, the more you can get!

“If you hang around with someone who’s done it, you can do it too.”

                                                                           – Nippy Betz

School Zone welcomes Major Nippy Betz and his enthusiastic personality to the Zone today. Together we can learn how to get our students through college debt-free!


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