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Smartcell Fundraising With Vimal Prajapati

School Zone Podcast Talks Fundraising with Smartcell Fundraising

A simple, easy, online fundraiser with 50% profits selling cool tech accessories for your Android or Apple phone.

Joining Matt Miller on the School Zone Podcast this week to talk school fundraising is Vimal Prajapati of Smartcell Fundraising. Aside from the few of minutes that Matt and Vimal spend discussing their Chicago style pizza and professional baseball team preferences in their favorite city of Chicago, Matt also discusses another revolutionary opportunity for schools to be able to raise funds through Smartcell.

Smartcell Fundraising is a unique, brand new avenue that K-12 schools can use to raise funds by simply selling trending technology accessories like bluetooth speakers, charging cords, power banks, and even brand name Apple and Android products. Smartcell provides an online selling platform and all the school has to do is to get their students and group to drive traffic to the site, and begin to sell the products. All shipping, logistics, picking, and packing is handled by Smartcell. One of the unique features of this program is the fact that Smartcell sells these cool tech products at retail price, just like you would find in your local store. Now, however, a majority of the funds go towards the school! Not only does this allow you to buy your typical tech products– which ALL kids LOVE– but 50% of your purchase also goes toward helping out the school in their fundraising cause. Additionally, instead of students having to go out door-to-door and sell these products, they can simply use their smart phone or tablet to hop onto the website at any time and sell within a safe environment wherever they happen to be. Another great feature is they can share the Shopping Code on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media programs, harnessing the power of the internet to drive sales.

If you or your school is interested in taking their fundraising to the next level by getting started up with Smartcell Fundraising, you can email them at:, or hop on their websites at: and

Thank you for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week. Look forward to having you join us in the School Zone next time!

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