Curb Smart with Brent England

School Zone Podcast welcomes Curb-Smart to the microphone.

Imagine a worry free, after school student pickup line with no more…

  • walkie-talkies, loud bullhorns, or overhead PA systems
  • complex tracking of students in after-school activities
  • challenges or stress when a “usual” staff member is out

Today’s guest developed a safer, simpler and more efficient solution to the usual dreaded after school pickup line as he rolled up on the parent pull up line at his child’s school. “Why not utilize modern technology to create a pickup process that is easier, less stressful and more secure”, he thought? In a moment, the Curb-Smart solution was born.

Wave good-bye to the daily hassle with Curb-Smart, your safe, simple solution. – Curb-Smart


Listen to this episode of the School Zone Podcast and learn more about Brent England and his innovative and inspiring Curb-Smart program. Your school will thank you!

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