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SnoCo Pickles with Ken Sadler

Welcome to School Zone podcast, with Matt Miller! If this is your first time joining Matt, welcome!Joining Matt this week in the School Zone is Ken Sadler of SnoCo Pickles to talk about Pickles With A Purpose!

Isn’t it frustrating to try to help raise funds for your no-income clubs and sports teams that your kid is involved in? Inevitably, if enough funds aren’t raised, the parents end up having to foot the rest of the bill. Matt uncovers in this episode that Ken was frustrated with that too and decided to partner with SnoCo pickles to make a change.

First off, these aren’t your ordinary pickles and this isn’t your ordinary fundraiser. The pickles they make over at SnoCo pickles start off as your everyday kosher dill pickles, but are then cured in one of their 8 signature flavors of snow cone syrup! Crazy, right? Well, turns out that they’re crazy good!

Although Pickles With a Purpose is only a few months old, they’re ecstatic about sharing these crazy pickle flavors with as many organizations and clubs as possible! They make fundraising so easy! To get started, all your club or organization needs to do is to register online and pick one of their 2-3 week fundraising plans which best fits your needs and start selling those pickles! The best part is that the organization makes at least $3 off of each jar sold depending on which fundraising plan you choose!

 “Guys, this is another one of those products where I guarantee you, you will get people’s attention, especially in most cases where…you’ve been doing the same thing for quite a while and now it’s just time to look for something else.” -Matt Miller 

If you or your school is interested in learning more about SnoCo Pickles, you can hop on their website: However, if you’d like to learn more about Pickles With A Purpose directly, you can get more info you at:!

Thank you for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week and unpacking yet another amazing opportunity for your school or organization! Looking forward to having you joining us in the School Zone next time and don’t forget to download our FREE  2018 Best School Fundraising and Resource Companies Guide to simplify your search for the most innovative companies in the school fundraising and school resource space.

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