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Positively Impact Your Students With The High Energy School Programs of the Champion Factory


Jeff Goodin is a motivational speaker as well as an entertainer. He was a college gymnast, a daredevil, and a mascot for two NBA teams. Jeff has transitioned from using his acrobatic skills as an NBA mascot into using these talents to inspire positive change in students by speaking at school assemblies. He has started the Champion Factory, which is a group of speakers and entertainers that do shows for schools across the country. The Champion Factor has five standard programs that they perform for the schools on a regular basis.

  • Red ribbon week (an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign)
  • Slam dunk the STAAR
  • Anti-bullying
  • Read to achieve
  • Making good choices

The Champion Factory has a couple of different aspects to it. ‘Team Big Air’ puts on acrobatic shows while the “Mojo show” uses a giant inflatable monkey to put on a comical show. Both of these shows teach the same positive messages to the students.


Show notes:

  • Backstory of Jeff Goodin as a gymnast, daredevil, and NBA mascot [02:08]
  • How Jeff’s past experience performingin the NBA transition into working with schools [10:13]
  • Some of the different messages his team shares with the students[12:28]
  • What kind of facility is needed for Team Big Air show? [13:56]
  • About the Mojo Show [15:02]
  • Success stories from the show[19:58]
  • What Jeff’s hope and prayer is for the future of his business [22:20]


Champion Factory has a very unique combination of world class speakers and entertainers.  All of our speakers and entertainers are proven commodities that have experienced the pinnacle of success and are passionate about seeing others experience that same kind of success.




Jeff Goodin’s personable and moving speaking style has been enjoyed by audiences that have ranged third graders to corporate executives.  Having done over 500 speaking engagements, his captivating speaking style and master storytelling ability appeal to all audiences.  Jeff will inspire you to evaluate your role in this journey of life.  He will make you laugh, might even make you cry, and will certainly cause you to think about what’s important in life.

Wheather speking to educators, student leaders, corporate executives or a sales staff, Jeff’s style and inspiration are enjoyed by all.  His positive attitude and warm ways will leave a lasting impression, while his presentation will encourage all to strive a little harder and climb a little higher up this mountain of life.

Jeff began his career as an acrobatic slam dunk artist in 1996 touring with the #1 half-time act in basketball, the Slam Dunk Daredevils.  He traveled the world with the Daredevils where he was not only a performer, but also Director of Operations.  Jeff left the Daredevils in 1998 when the Boston Celtics signed him to become the first mascot in the history of the organization.  After two seasons with the Celtics Jeff and his family moved to Dallas when he signed with the Dallas Mavericks to perform as Mavs Man.

Jeff’s performances include 750+ NBA games, 300+ NCAA games, America’s Got Talent, CBS National TV commercials, NCAA Final Four, NBA All-Star, ESPN SportsCenter, NBA Draft, Jerry Lewis TelethonHolland Basketball Week, Rotterdam, Gatorade Fierce launch Caracas, Venezuela national mallObregon, Mexico All-Star Game, NBA Madness-Manila, Philippines, Sea World Adventure Parks, Ringling Bros Circus, Beijing, China CCTV 5, Shanghai, China Sprite Celebrity Game, NBA 3X Mexico City 2012and much more.

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