PTO Answers Christina Hidek

The Importance of Structure with Christina Hidek

Do the words Bi-Laws, Standing Rules, or Governing Documents make you cheer for joy or break out in hives? How about Summary Sheets, Documents, Evaluation Forms or Stored Info.? Does that get you jazzed or are you reaching for the Epi-Pen?

A regular guest on School Zone Podcast, Christina Hidek leads the PTA/PTO Super Star Leaders Facebook Group and is knowledgeable in all things listed above. She wants your group to succeed and knows of the tools you need for that to happen, without needing medical intervention.

“You’re all working towards the same goal: Happy, educated children.” – Christina Hidek

Since school leadership fluctuates each year, it is extremely important to stick to the bi-laws that have been set in place and adjust or add to, the standing rules according to the school’s needs and the PTA/PTO’s needs. Christina emphasizes the importance of structure and effective communication among school leadership. Instead of wasting time because of a lack of communication or lack of standards, make rules clear and choose effective communication methods for large groups. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel every year.

Join Matt as he visits with Chrsitina Hidek in the Zone today. Let’s get our structure together!


Facebook: PTA/PTO Super Star Leaders

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