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ABC Fundraising with Jamie Speirs

Soooooooooo your organization needs a fundraiser, and you’ve been chosen to pick it. Where in the world do you begin?

ABC Fundraisers is the one-stop shop for fundraising. They’ve been in business for over 25 years and they’ve got you covered. They have 22 fundraising ideas which include Discount cards, Pizza Cards, Scratch & Help Cards, Spinners, Entertainment Cards, Foods, Candles, Flower Bulbs, and Logo Items. Are you looking for travel mugs or even flip-flops with your logo on them? ABC Fundraising has a fast turnaround and can have what you need at your doorstep in days.

 “Our business is our customers” – Jaime Speirs

There are 3 fundraising categories to choose from: High Profit, No-Risk, and Candy. Each have a different percentage of profit. To help you decide which one will work best for you, request your FREE Fundraising- Info Kit.

School Zone Podcast is happy to have Jaime Speirs with ABC Fundraising in the School Zone today. Join us as we learn about the many different ways they can help your organization raise funds.



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