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Danny “Sunshine” Bauer – Using Masterminds to Develop School Leaders

Danny “Sunshine” Bauer is all about improving leadership in the public school system. You might recognize Danny if you are a regular listener of the School Zone Podcast as it is not his first time on the show. In Danny’s first episode on the School Zone, he and Matt went into depth discussing Daniel’s history in the education environment and his company Better Leaders Better Schools. Better Leaders Better Schools helps coach and shepherd school leaders and administrators so that schools can better succeed. However, for this episode, Matt and Danny unpack more of the problems that a school administrator might run into and some possible solutions.

                                     “Keeping the personal and professional separate is a mistake.

                                       They’re integrated. They’re how we operate.” – Danny Bauer

Since Danny has been around the PTA/PTO environment for so long, he has extensive knowledge and insight when it comes to leadership or lack thereof. Being known for his problem solving skills, Danny works with leaders from all around the globe, helping them solve some of the biggest issues that they face as administrators, but he doesn’t do it alone. Both Matt and Danny discuss how the enemy of excellence is isolation and therefore stress the importance of leaders coming together rather than fighting these issues alone. They also emphasize how much it helps to have the opinion of someone who isn’t emotionally invested in the situation itself to provide insight from a completely unbiased point of view.

School Zone Podcast is thrilled to have Danny Bauer in the Zone today. Listen with us! He just may be the ray of “Sunshine” that you need.

website: or contact him directly from his website

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