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Chubby Chico Charms with Bianca Alicea

Welcome to School Zone podcast, with Matt Miller!  Joining Matt this week in the School Zone is Bianca Alicea of Chubby Chico Charms, to talk about a unique opportunity for schools and organizations.

Growing up with two parents who worked in the jewelry industry, Bianca began working with her mom straight out of high school. It was her mother had the initial idea for Chubby Chico Charms, and now, 12 years later, Bianca is it’s mastermind.

Although Chubby Chico Charms was not initially involved in the school and fundraising industry, they were approached by several schools and organizations about creating a custom jewelry line for their organization with their logo or mascot, and colors. Since then, they have created between 6 and 7 thousand custom designs and jewelry lines for schools and organizations. In 2017, they also stepped foot into the home and beauty industries and Bianca notes that they will be pushing that “full force” this year in the fall of 2018.

The great news for schools is that there is no start-up costs when doing a Chubby Chico Charms fundraiser.

“We work really hard to keep the costs low and the quality high.”  – Bianca Alicea

Additionally, the profit margins for the organization are extremely high at a whopping 50%, which makes the fundraiser well-worth the time and effort to run! To get started, you simply go to their website, fill out a contact form with all of your organization’s info, and then have the start-up packets and catalogs within a week.


Phone: 1(800)704-6991

Thank you for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week and unpacking yet another amazing opportunity for your school! Looking forward to having you joining us next time!

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