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Featured in the Guide Series: SchoolFUNDCenter with Alex DeMeo

School Zone Podcast is happy to have Alex Demeo with SchoolFUNDCenter in the Zone for a repeat performance. SchoolFUNDCenter is featured the School Zone Podcasts

2018 Best School Fundraising and Resource Companies Guide.

SchoolFundCenter is a company that has taken advantage of the availability of technology and created an easy, hassle-free way to raise funds for your school. In essence, SchoolFUNDCenter is a website that consolidates major retailers into an online shopping portal where parents can simultaneously fulfill their typical, everyday shopping needs and raise funds for their kid’s school.

This hassle-free fundraising opportunity, allows schools to raise funds, but keep their focus primarily on the education aspect of the school rather than being concerned about providing funds to keep their school up and running. SchoolFUNDCenter primarily reaches schools by word of mouth or by promotion through the PTO or PTA. Once a school is ready to sign up for their program, all that they have to do is to simply go to and register their school. Then, you just spread the word throughout your school so that parents can adjust their shopping habits and begin to fulfill their typical shopping needs by using the SchoolFUNDCenter Widget associated with their child’s school. Although you might think that pricing would be higher, the pricing on the SchoolFUNDCenter website is comparable to normal retail pricing in stores, however, the retailer pays your school a percentage of your purchase as well. There is no extra cost to you at all.

Learn more about this and other fundraising companies when you download our free fundraising guide. It will be your “go-to” guide for amazing fundraising opportunities. We truly thank you for listening and enjoying the School Zone Podcast.




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