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Conrad Coutinho: 99Pledges

Today, School Zone Podcast has the pleasure to welcome 99Pledges from Palo Alto, California, to our podcast.

In 2010, there was a significant amount of budget cuts in the state of California regarding education. Our co-founders saw this as a major issue, so they created 99Pledges. 99Pledges is entirely online, and it creates individual fundraising pages for each student that can be emailed and shared with friends and family across the country.

In addition, schools keep 100 percent of all cash/check donations and 90 percent of credit card donations. With our 10 percent, we pay all credit card fees for schools. There are no charges or minimum upfront costs for schools either. So in the end, each school keeps approximately 95 percent of all fundraising donations.

Online we also have social media buttons that are just a click away from posting to Facebook or Twitter. This makes fundraising easier for many of our PTA clients who are looking to post directly to their PTA pages. These buttons also make it simple for students and families to get the word out about their fundraiser to their friends, relatives, and coworkers.

We are involved with schools and organizations across the entire country. 99Pledges hopes to alleviate the burden of fundraising costs and budget costs. We accept any school—small elementary schools, large elementary schools, middle schools, sports teams; essentially any school that needs the funding. This includes Title 1 schools that are financially disenfranchised that truly need the extra support wherever necessary.

Regarding the fundraisers themselves, 99Pledges also provides fun runs or basketball shoot-a-thons for schools. This allows donations for single units like laps run, or baskets shot.

You can contact Conrad Coutinho directly at

If you are interested in checking out 99Pledges, you can visit to create an account.

Contact Information:
Conrad Coutinho
Phone: 855-997-5334 ext. 812

The 99Pledges Mission: Our mission is to help you raise more money while simplifying your life. Schools, sports teams, church groups and other groups use 99Pledges to manage their walk-a-thons, hit-a-thons, bike-a-thons, and other “thons” to more than double their results while virtually eliminating the related administrative burden.

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