Mitch Evers - Fun Abounds SZP

Mitch Evers: Fun Abounds

School Zone Podcast is excited to welcome Mitch Evers from Fun Abounds.

Fun Abounds specializes in anything that you would find in a recreational space- picnic shelters, metal canopies over basketball courts and pavilions, concrete works, sidewalk work etc. We also create water features and play places as well that you would find on a playground.

Typically our water features will be done private schools or daycares. But we do a lot of our work in HOAs and city municipalities. They are large, expensive, long projects that require a business that can provide a heavy cash flow.

Our playgrounds are exclusive with Burke playgrounds, and Water Play splash pads and water systems; both of which are available to our clients.

Leigh Walden, the president and founder of Fun Abounds, has a passion for kids and a passion to keep them active and healthy and out on the playgrounds, and she is very experienced in this business.

Some schools have difficulty fundraising for replacement of equipment due to a weak PTA presence. On the other hand, schools with strong PTAs tend to have little difficulty fundraising for new equipment on the playground.

Fun Abounds is a small, but mighty and dedicated team that helps with fundraising, sets a budget, and prides ourselves in seeing the kids having fun on the play environment after the project is complete.

Fun abounds has been working with schools, organizations, communities, and individuals to create unique and fun playgrounds for the past decade.

Fun abounds offers a wide selection of commercial playground equipment and aquatic play features from the most trusted product lines in the industry. We also carry other site amenities to complete your play area including safety surfacing, shade structures, picnic tables, benches, and more.

Contact Information:

Mitch Evers

281-744-8983 – cell

855-ABOUNDS – Company Number for all our Reps

If you are interested in learning more or connecting with Fun Abounds, you can visit To contact Mitch personally, you can reach him at

Let Fun Abounds get started on your project!

We cover Houston, SE Texas, Central Texas and South Texas. You can find a portfolio of projects we’ve done on our website for any listeners who may want to see what we’ve done. We are also on facebook.

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