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David Holden – Wheels of Freestyle

Wheels of Freestyle has delivered more than 6000 extreme sports performances worldwide, they produce running shows at places like Disney’s California adventure park, Lego land, Silver Dollar City, and Hershey’s Park etc. They also have a BMX show that they do for schools and are impacting kids all over the nation.

When we first started 20 years ago the big message was bike safety and helmet wear; as well as red ribbon week in the fall which is anti-drug week. That’s where it started, and it’s obviously evolved over the last two decades. A few years into it we started a new program with an anti-violence message encouraging kids to stay away from bullying and fighting. Now as most recently as this last year we’ve added a new program called the “go green live clean” message to our show.

The show has now evolved into what we call the Five Secrets to Success: living drug free, living your dreams, being motivated, respecting others, and staying in school. Five secrets of success is presented in a fun positive way that tackles each of these components of the children’s futures.

I’ve never met a school that we couldn’t make the show happen in. We do shows indoors, outdoors, in driveways, and even in the dirt. The majority of our shows are for elementary schools, but it is for any age group. We do middle schools, high schools, and even groups of adults; we adjust the show to the age group.


Contact Information:

Website: http://wheelsoffreestyle.com/

Phone: 888-818-8388

Email: customercare@wheelsoffreestyle.com

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