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Kara Lubin of the 100 Mile Club

Running 100 miles during the school year is something you have to bring into your school with the idea of everyone is going to do this and 100 Mile Club Logo smalleveryone is going to be successful. It works out to be about 3 miles a week during the school year. By doing this you are inadvertently building a team- these kids come together during the day to run or walk their mile and start to learn more about each other and learn what they’re capable of.

This program is teaching kids to set goals, as well as developing good relationships between the kids, the teachers, and the school! We’re teaching these kids long and short term planning which is a skill that you have to live to learn. Research has shown that active kids do better in school. Anytime you invest in physical activity in your schools you will get back multiple fold in instruct-able minutes because you won’t see as many behaviors, and listless, tired kids. You’re going to see kids who are focused and ready to learn again.

Any school can sign up for 100 mile club which is free in and of itself; they can gain access to the program via our website and print the cards and certificates as well as download the program and have access to the coach’s corner. On the other end is our gold medal program which costs $10 a kid per year which includes everything: a “challenge accepted” ID card, a T-shirt that they earn at mile 25, a gold pencil at 50 miles, a wrist band for 75 miles, and then their gold medal after achieving 100 miles. At the end of the school year we have a ceremony like at the Olympics and every child that achieved their 100 miles receives their gold medal.




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