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An Innovative School Fitness Solution Called DrumFit

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On this episode, Matt interviews the cofounder of Drumfit, Val Shaw. Drumfit is a fitness based drumming program which combines music and fitness to bring exercise to life. Val explains how Drumfit is being implemented into thousands of elementary schools as well as sharing the reasons this program is so effective in promoting both exercise and learning in children. Exercise is shown to stimulate the mind and to help an individual soak up the information they are learning. Val and Matt discuss the rapid decline of physical activity in today’s youth, as well as the lack of physical education being taught in the school system. They both agree that today more than ever Drumfit is a welcome program that can be used to incorporate exercise with a teacher’s lesson plans. Drumfit can be used as more than just a physical education program, but also as a tactile way of teaching. This program promotes exercise as well as a stimulated learning environment. Val hopes that one day Drumfit will be incorporated into the curriculum of many elementary schools.


Show notes:

  • How this program got started [01:18 ]
  • What makes Drumfit so special [08:30 ]
  • Who does the program target, and how does the program work? [10:25]
  • As a school, what is the process to get started with Drumfit? [13:52]
  • Special success stories of the program [15:50]
  • What is the future of Drumfit? [17:46]


DrumFIT is a unique fitness-based drumming program that demonstrates how fun exercise can be!  DrumFIT is focused on inspiring people to get moving through a fun and inclusive program that has no barriers to age and ability, and allows everyone to reap the total health benefits of movement and brain fitness   It is our mission to instill a life long love of fitness and make a discernible difference in the way people feel and express themselves.

Here’s a neat video showing DrumFit’s school program in action.




Val Shah is one of the original founders of DrumFIT.  Val was inspired to begin the company in 2006, and began working with students at the elementary level.  After seeing the impact DrumFIT had on students, Val continued to develop DrumFIT in the education market and also worked with seniors and children with special needs.  Val has a background in fitness and enjoys working closely with people, so DrumFIT was the perfect fit!

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