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Strengthening Kids with Strong Fathers, Strong Families


J. Michael Hall is the founder of Strong Fathers, Strong Families. This organization is focused on involving fathers in their kids’ lives which in turn makes the kids more likely to succeed. They have developed four academic programs to involve fathers, and have promoted them in such a way that they always have a full cafeteria of dads and kids participating in these activities.

The four academic programs developed by this organization are:

  • Bring your dad to school day
  • Dad and kid math night
  • Dad and kid reading night
  • Dad and kid science night

Strong Fathers, Strong Families has brought this program to many schools, and has discovered the most effective and efficient ways to implement these activities. After having such success with this program they’ve taken these four events and have turned them into an easy to follow curriculum; a step by step guide that has all the resources you need to make these events successful. This curriculum also comes with facilitating videos on how to prepare, promote, and present the events most effectively.  Research has shown that when parents are involved in a child’s education, that kid will do so much better. The media and culture today has promoted the idea that ‘parents’ means ‘mom’, but there needs to be a balance of involvement between both mom and dad. This program lets dads know their role, and gives them tools to strengthen their participation in their children’s lives academically.


Show notes:

  • About J. Michael Hall [01:42]
  • Starting the business [03:56]
  • What they provide for schools, and the different programs. [06:46]
  • Why strong fathers/strong families, as opposed to strong mothers/strong families? [11:30]
  • What is taught in the curriculum [17:17]
  • How-to video’s about the curriculum [31:10]
  • Do you have a specific profile for target schools? [32:13]
  • How can schools reach you with questions and interest? [33:11]


Strong Fathers-Strong Families is a training, technical assistance, and facilitation organization that is focused on strengthening children by strengthening fathers and families.

Through staff training, consultation, and event facilitation, Strong Fathers-Strong Families works with Head Starts, Public Schools, and Churches as well as other organizations. Our goal is to improve the educational environment in order that men may become more involved in the lives of their children.

Strong Fathers-Strong Families plans and facilitates events at the campus, organizational, and community level to bring men together with their children in the presence of other men to discover their true strength as fathers. We facilitate events such as Bring Your Dad to Head Start Days, Bring Your Dad to School Day, Saturday Workshops for schools, churches and communities, Dad & Kid Reading Night/Day, Head Start Father Forums, Head Start Dad and Kid Reading Days, staff awareness trainings, and Father Involvement Staff Training.




J. Michael Hall is the father of two sons (18 and 22) and the husband to a beautiful middle school teacher. Mr. Hall has been a special education teacher, a teacher of the gifted and talented, and an intermediate and middle school principal.  As an educator, speaker and founder of Strong Fathers-Strong Families, he has worked with more than 130,000 fathers and parents at local schools, Head Starts, and regional and national conferences.
He has written magazine articles for the National PTA, The Southwestern Educational Development Laboratory, and The National Head Start Association’s Children and Family Magazine. He is also a contributing author to the book on fathering entitled Why Fathers Count, and is considered one of the country’s foremost experts on working with fathers in schools and Head Starts.

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