Featured in the Guide Series- eScrip with Joanne Remillard

Featured in the Guide Series: eScrip with Joanne Remillard

Welcome to School Zone Podcast with Matt Miller. Joining Matt in the School Zone today for a repeat performance is Joanne Remillard with eScrip. eScrip is featured in our guide:

2018 Best School Fundraising and Resource Companies Guide

eScrip was founded 19 years ago to bring commerce and community together to support schools and non-profit organizations and to make that an easy offering for the entities involved. Entities involved in this fundraising include retailers or merchants that want to contribute to schools, schools and parents. Currently there are 50,000 schools and non-profits on the program.  To date, $450,000,000 has been funded to schools and non-profits from the merchants that are part of the eScrip program.

Joanne comes from a background in fundraising and development in the non-profit sector. Scrip fundraising was a program Joanne watched with interest. With all that is happening in technology today, Joanne and her partners thought there had to be a better way to do traditional Scrip fundraising. That’s when electronic scrip was launched to replace traditional Scrip programs. In the early days of the eScrip program, parents would register merchant cards they use when making purchases, select the school they want to support and use the cards when purchasing to support their school of choice. The earning potential is great with eScrip. Earning $20,000 or $30,000 is very easy to do if you have an engaged fundraising coordinator. Schools can even use funds to offset student fees.

Today eScrip has rolled out a new benefit mobile app offering. Parents/consumers simply download the benefit mobile app on mobile devices and put in their preferred payment method. When standing in line at over 200 participating merchants, simply pull up the app and purchase a digital gift card for the merchant. The merchant scans the app on your phone to pay for your goods or services and your school immediately benefits from the purchase. Schools and non-profits earn anywhere from 1 to 20 percent of purchases. We call it the “future of fundraising”.  The buyer has instant gratification and the school sees immediate earnings.

eScrip can work with any school or 501c3 program. Schools can visit escrip.com/benefit to enroll, promote, and download the app. There are so many great opportunities for school fundraising. Schools are looking for programs that are easy to administer, effective and lucrative. eScrip hits all three by allowing your school to earn funds from something you are already doing.

To learn more about eScrip, or to enroll, promote, or download the app, you can visit:

Website: http://www.escrip.com/benefit 

Thank you for joining Matt in the School Zone today. Join us next time for another great School Zone episode.

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