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Featured in the Guide Series: School Life with Kim Madey

Welcome to School Zone Podcast with Matt Miller. In the School Zone this week, for a repeat performance, is Kim Madey, entrepreneur and co-owner of the family-owned company, School Life.  School Life is featured in our guide:

2018 Best School Fundraisers and Resource Companies Guide

The School Life program was born out of a school yearbook company called Image Stuff. School Life, now a division of Image Stuff, focuses on motivational tools, rewards, and recognition opportunities for teachers and schools to award their students. Although School Life is not a fundraising company, their rewards programs have proven to be extremely useful in aiding and promoting good character and achievement for students in public schools.

One of their most popular motivational tools is called the Brag Tag, which was modeled after military dog tags. Brag Tags are unique in that they are full-color, laminated, and can be covered in any custom design imaginable. Whether your school is looking for a way to encourage kids to come to school, or a way to encourage them to read, study, or behave in class, these Brag Tags are a greater incentive than one might think. The tags’ vivid colors and appealing graphics make them an enticing prize for students. At just 14-23 cents per piece, they are an inexpensive alternative to other awards or prizes allowing schools to make and order a fun variety of Brag Tags for students to collect.

If you or your school is interested in finding great motivational tools or other custom school products, contact School Life.                            



Phone: 877-773-7705


Thanks for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week. We look forward to having you join us next time!

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