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Featured in the Guide Series: FireAde with JC Barb

Welcome to The School Zone Podcast with Matt Miller. This week we welcome FireADE with JC Barb for a repeat performance. FireADE is listed in our guide:

2018 Best School Fundraisers and Resource Companies Guide

Fire Service Plus has been in production for 30 years. Fire Service Plus manufactures firefighting foams and firefighting equipment for fire departments nationwide and globally. As an alternative to fire extinguishers they developed an aerosol can for use around the home called FireAde. FireAde is a clean, green product which is non-toxic and safe to use on minor stovetop or fire pit fires. It not only works as a fire suppressant, but it is also an effective coolant which makes it valuable for mechanics, welders and other who work in workshops. The FireAde product pairs well with schools and scouting groups that want to host community service project/fundraising initiatives focused on fire safety and education.

       Earn money, save lives and protect our environment

If schools choose to use FireAde as a fundraiser, they can expect to make up to $7 profit for each can sold. Shipping is free and there are no minimums. Keeping people safe is what FireAde does and a portion of each sale supports families who have children going    through burn treatment.

Interested in this new innovative way to earn high profited sales for your organization? Contact FireAde to learn how selling the Personal Fire Suppression Systems can help your organization raise funds.


Phone: 770-460-7793


Thank you for joining Matt on School Zone Podcast. We hope this fundraiser is a “flamin’ hot” success for you!

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