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Featured in the Guide Series: Spirit Sox USA with Lisa Riggs

Hello and welcome to the School Zone Podcast with Matt Miller! Joining Matt in the School Zone this week for a repeat performance is Lisa Riggs with Spirit Sox USA which is featured in the School Zone Podcast Guide:

2018 Best School Fundraiser and Resource Companies Guide

Have you had to convince your customers that they really need to buy what you’re offering in your fundraiser? No convincing is necessary when you’re selling Spirit Sox! We all wear a pair of socks at some point, or whether its dress socks, athletic socks, socks just for fun, or to make a statement.

Spirit Sox USA allows you to express personality with your socks. They are totally customized to reflect your school, sport, organization, hospital, tournament, graduation, awareness, corporation, or event. These comfortable, custom knit socks are designed from scratch using your logo, colors, company name, team name, numbers, or words of your choice. They aren’t just silk screened on, they are actually woven into the fabric of the sock. With 5 styles to choose from – Athletic/Crew, Knee High, Ankle High, Dress, and Infant/Toddler, there’s a sock for everyone.

Spirit Sox offers free consultation and will work with you on designing your socks until you are satisfied. In fact, they are so sure you’ll love their socks, that they offer FREE DESIGN and sample socks are available. Wondering about profits? Spirit Sox USA lets you decide your selling price to fit the demographics of your area. That way, more people can participate and join in the Spirit Sox fun!

If you are interested in having Spirit Socks USA “rock the socks off” your next fundraiser, you can reach them here:

Website :

Email :

Phone : 1-888-677-7876

Thank you for joining Matt again this week on School Zone Podcast. Having you here is a pleasure.

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