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Good Grains with Zack Swire

The School Zone Podcast welcomes Zack Swire of Good Grains to the School Zone!

During today’s School Zone Podcast episode we sit down with Zack Swire of Good Grains whose mission it is to bring health and happiness to our communities and beyond. As a father of triplets, Zack and his family have been exposed to numerous fundraisers, and they saw the need for a healthy alternative in fundraising. With the help of a friend who owns a cereal company, Good Grains was born. Good Grains exists to provide parents and families with a great product and program with three primary considerations.


  1. The product is healthy.
  2. The program is simple.
  3. The program is rewarding for schools.

If a school is interested in starting the program they simply establish a fundraiser launch date and provide Good Grains with the expected number of participants. Good Grains customizes flyers and a parent letter that the school sends home. Parents then visit, enter their school code, shop and the school earns $1 for every box of cereal purchased. It’s that simple. The best part is that the product purchased is shipped directly to parent’s homes, taking away the need for a volunteer force to sort and deliver.

The Good Grains product line began with 10 different cereals that you are sure to love. Gluten free products are available and popcorn/granola snack foods have been added to the lineup. Love the product? Reorders are simple. Visit the Good Grains website, login, add products to your cart, enter your school code and you’re done! The school gets $1 for every box that is ordered. Consider pairing this fundraiser with fun runs and other health based programs. It’s a great way to bring health and happiness to your community!


Good Grains is a new sort of fundraiser — it’s Healthier, Simpler, and More Rewarding!

We offer ten wholesome and delicious cereals that your supporters will absolutely love and feel good about feeding their families! Yet, that’s just the beginning….
  • FREE DELIVERY, DIRECT to your supporters, saving your group tons of time!
  • REORDERS promoted in every box shipped. Plus, we offer recurring orders.
  • HEALTHY fundraiser that’s easy to start and run.
  • EARN 10X box tops which much less effort.
  • EARN MORE THAN 40% over time! Earn upfront and monthly on reorders.
You can start Good Grains anytime, and it will keep giving back all year long!
Our mission is to bring health and happiness to our communities and beyond.
Awesome Rewards. Great Causes. Good Grains.
Contact Good Grains:
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