Craig Jones - Groggy Dog

Groggy Dog with Craig Jones

In the School Zone this week, Matt interviews Craig Jones, a sales representative of the company Groggy Dog. Working primarily in elementary and middle schools, Groggy Dog is a t-shirt screen printing company that creates custom school spirit and promotional wear for schools. Although the t-shirt printing and spirit wear market is heavily crowded, Groggy Dog sets themselves apart with their incredible customer service and phenomenal graphic design team that work together to create custom, kid-friendly mascots and designs. Not only do they provide a much higher quality design team and experience, but more importantly, they provide a high quality product.  

If you’re looking to get in touch with Groggy Dog and have access to quality, kid-friendly spirit wear for your school, you can call them at: 877-747-6449 or check out their website on 


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