Click My Cause with Nancy Krop

Click My Cause with Nancy Krop

On this episode of School Zone Podcast, Matt has a conversation with Nancy Krop of Click My Cause. Growing up in the California area, Nancy was fortunate enough to attend top ten schools throughout her entire K-12 education right into law school. Unfortunately, California schools are now in the bottom five and drastically needing help. When Nancy noticed this drastic change and neglect of the California school system, she decided to make a change. She almost immediately put her law career on hold and began researching who she needed to contact to begin to make that positive change happen.

Soon after, she became legislative director for the PTA in her area and realized that there are tons of bills that can help the schools improve, but people simply just don’t know about them, so she began digging. After a long process, she helped to design the app “Click My Cause,” which is an app that simply sends alerts about bills that can help your student in school. All you have to do to vote on a bill once you receive a notification is to click twice by simply opening the notification and voting. It’s as simple as that. Her hopes are that with just a couple clicks at a time, we can all help restore the California public school system back to its top ten performance rate.

If you want to reach Nancy or want to join her cause, go to the app store and download the app “Click My Cause” to find out more.


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