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Help Our School with Michael Sudik

Joining Matt on this week’s episode of School Zone Podcast is Michael Sudik from a company called Help Our School. Surprisingly, Help Our School is a school fundraising company that was inspired by an already existing and proven concept for fundraising; coupon books. In the coupon book fundraising model, the school buys coupon books in bulk at a low price to then turn around and have the kids sell for a higher price to parents, friends, and family. At first glance, this model seems to be a win-win concept because it raises money for the school, but also benefits the buyer with coupons to use at local business or bigger chains. However, the downside to that is that the entire book is a pain to carry around and it can be lost or forgotten when you need it most.   

That’s where Help Our School comes in. When your school completes the free sign up process to be a part of their program, they provide the school with access to their app which is nearly identical in content to the coupon book, however, the coupons are all on the app. The kids then sell memberships to the app to their parents, friends, and family, giving them instant access on their smartphone or computer to these great deals instead of having to carry that coupon book around everywhere! This modernized version of the coupon book fundraising concept truly is a no brainer.   

In addition, they’ve recently added a new concept to their company in which Help Our School customizes a free marketplace type website, similar to Amazon, for your school. The website is essentially a free sales portal website that has over a million items, so that when anyone orders off of that website, the school receives part of the profit.   

If you think you or your school would like to get involved in these hassle-free fundraisers, you can get in contact with Michael and many of the other people at Help Our School on their website; www.helpourschool.com 


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