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Lion’s Heart with Becky Butler

This week our host, Matt Miller takes a break from discussing school fundraising to spotlight school leadership opportunities with Becky Butler of the Lion’s Heart program. Initially started in 2004 by just a group of kids and a mom looking for volunteer opportunities for her kids, Lion’s Heart is a teen volunteering program that aids schools in providing their students with leadership opportunities in their area. Now in 22 states across the country, they currently have 137 chapters or groups of teens serving in their communities across the United States. Although Lion’s Heart is not a school fundraising program like Matt so often features on the podcast, it is an organization that promotes positive character qualities like leadership, humility, and service to kids within the public school system, making it a beneficial company for the schools to work with.

Luckily, getting a chapter of Lion’s Heart up and running in your school is not as difficult as it may seem. All that is required are a couple kids or parents to take interest and sign up to start a club in their area online. There is no school fundraising required for the kids to do throughout their membership in the program, however, there is a yearly $75 membership fee, which is the only due that they will have to pay to be a part of the group. Once a chapter is formed online, there is a volunteer outreach coordinator who goes out into that specific community and seeks out opportunities for their specific chapter to serve and be a part of. Following that, the coordinators send out emails to that group with the different opportunities in their area to make it as hassle free as possible on the students’ end. Matt points out that one of the neat things about Lion’s Heart is the fact that kids can easily develop their leadership skills and build a volunteering portfolio to build their resume for future job or education opportunities.

You and your school can start building a future for your teens and building up your communities now by simply contacting the folks at Lion’s Heart. or call them at 800-894-8877. Thanks to Becky for joining Matt in the School Zone!


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