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Insights From The School Volunteer’s Perspective with Christina Hidek

With several years of volunteer/leadership experience on the school level, Christina has quite a bit of insight when it comes to the different factors that play into deciding which companies school’s are most likely to fundraise with. Initially, the first thing that must be up to par is the product. If the product that the company is selling isn’t a quality product, then the fundraiser isn’t going to be very effective. Secondly, the creativity and weight of the incentives for the kids play a huge role in a successful fundraiser. The better the incentive for the child, the better the results. Additionally, when looking at a company, Christina doesn’t just look at the product or incentives, she also pays close attention to their reputation. Word travels fast amongst the education system, so if a company hasn’t been reliable in the past, she steers away from them as much as possible. Finally, the most crucial part of finding fundraising companies to partner with, is finding ones that are polished, professional, and easy to work with. Having those qualities makes it easier on the school and a much less stressful experience for everyone involved.

If you’re interested in hearing more of what’s going through the minds of PTO/PTA leaders, you can find Christina here:


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If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about school leadership tips or effective, hassle-free fundraising opportunities, you’ve come to the right place! Go check out more School Zone episodes where you’ll find those and so much more. Thanks for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week! See you next week!


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