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MobileArq with Niru Mallavarupu

Can you imagine how great it would be, to have all of your information for all of your school contacts, organizations, and teachers in the palm of your hand? How about on an app that will allow you to access that information with no more than 2 clicks on your phone? 2 clicks!?

MobileArq is an app that will keep track of parents, students, faculty and staff, committees, and more. It can make you aware of schedule changes, help you arrange field trips, plan class parties or teacher appreciation days, or anythng else you need.  Information can be updated as it changes so it’s never obsolete.  What sets MobileArq apart from anything else is its expertise in database security and privacy.

“… We believe that a better connected school community will significantly enhance social and academic growth and development of each child in the school.” – MobileArq Mission                                                                                    

MobileArq is also a Fundraising Company raising over $860,000 this year for K-12 students and has been named 2018 American Small Business Champion by SCORE, the nation’s largest network of volunteer expert business mentors.



Phone: 908-273-3458

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