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Laughter League with Tiffany Riley and Dick Monday

Hello and welcome to the School Zone with Matt Miller! Joining Matt this week to talk about a creative, fun, and engaging learning opportunity for public school kids are Tiffany Riley and Dick Monday of The Laughter League.

Ever have trouble getting students engaged in the distracting environment of a classroom? Somehow Dick Monday and Tiffany Riley found the solution–laughter! With the duo having both been to clown school and performed with Barnum and Bailey Circus, they both had a desire to create a more constant career path than the entertainment industry had to offer. With Science being such a foundational part of the circus, they used their clown and circus expertise to write several educational and engaging skits to perform at public schools. That’s where Laughter League was born.

“Our goal is to get kids to start learning science while they just think that they’re having fun.” -Tiffany Riley

For most kids, learning subjects like science can be difficult and dry, however, Laughter League has tailored their shows to include the specific curriculum necessary for each grade level and presented it in a fun and entertaining way! Now that they have grown and are in higher demand, they have also created several other skits that incorporate math and reading as well. Schools have found that their equation of both learning and laughter have made a lasting impact on the students and made learning difficult subjects like science, math, and reading a much more enjoyable experience.

If you, your school, or organization is interested in learning more about The Laughter League, you can get more info or email them on their website at:


Phone: 972-258-6313.

Thank you for joining Matt Miller in the School Zone this week and unpacking yet another amazing and “hilarious” opportunity for your school! Hoping you enjoyed the show and looking forward to having you with us next time!

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