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Edco with Nathan Spevack

Welcome to School Zone podcast, with Matt Miller!  Joining Matt this week in the School Zone to talk about a unique fundraising opportunity for K-12 schools is Nathan Spevack of Edco. To give you a little background, Nathan has quite a history in the Ed Tech industry and was no rookie when he began working with Edco. He is now in charge of quite a bit in the company as their Manager of Strategic Partnerships and is well-versed in the fundraising and education industries.

Because of his experience in those industries, he knows what makes a good fundraiser. It’s not the product you sell, or the amount of stuff that you can give in return for donations that makes it affective–it’s the cause behind the need for funds. People donate because they care about a specific individual that’s involved with the cause or the cause itself, not because of the product that they might receive in return. Nathan and the people at Edco have capitalized on that reality and made it easier than ever to raise funds for your school. Similar to the model of a popular crowd fundraising platform, “GoFundMe,” Edco allows your school to put up a site where your school can promote and advocate for a cause within their school and then request donations for that cause just as you would on a generic crowd fundraising platform. However, the thing that sets Edco apart from every other crowd fundraiser out there is that theirs is a long-term fundraiser.

Additionally, unlike other fundraising platforms, around 92% of total donations go to the school’s cause! The only 2 fees that are charged by Edco are the credit card transaction processing fee of 2.9% of each donation + $0.30, and their minimal service fee of 4.9%. Although the first month is the “active fundraising period” when everyone at the school is promoting it, it remains open throughout the year for people to be able to donate whenever they see fit.

You can learn even more about Edco by contacting them:

Website: www.ed.co

Email: nathan@ed.co

Phone: 212-336-3828

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