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School Leaders PTA, PTO Effectiveness with Daniel Bauer of Better Leaders Better Schools

School Leaders PTA, PTO Effectiveness

Today on the School Zone Podcast we are taking a break from our usual interview format to bring you an episode that we hope will inspire you. Listen in as we welcome Daniel Bauer of Better Leaders Better Schools to the podcast.

Daniel Bauer is best known for helping school leaders create winning cultures, focus on the essentials, and lead with courage and integrity through coaching, mentorships and one of the top podcasts in the education sphere called the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast.

Daniel is passionate about helping leaders be the best and most effective leaders they can be and is driven by a simple yet profound thought…

Everybody wins when a leader gets better –Bill Hybels.


Join us as Daniel shares valuable insight and wisdom on the topic of mission/vision, participation and engagement for the most effective school PTA and PTO leaders and organizations.


May this conversation inspire you to be the best you can be!


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Dive in deeper with Daniel Bauer and the Better Leaders Better Schools Podcast on this 2016 episode of the School Zone Podcast.

Better Leaders Better Schools is designed to connect excellent leaders in education and promote leadership development.  My passion is developing leaders to their fullest potential – there is nothing greater than this. I accomplish this through creating free consistent content on the blog and podcast as well as offering premium services (like masterminds) that accelerate leadership growth. My mission is to eliminate upper level barriers that most leaders face so they can maximize their impact. – Daniel Bauer
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