Matt Miller explores PTA organization tools with PT Avenue.

PT Avenue with Paul Brown

Matt Miller explores PTA organization tools with PT Avenue

This week in the School Zone Matt Miller explores PTA organization tools with PT Avenue. Paul Brown of Dorian Business systems joins him at the microphone. Although Dorian Businesses is the umbrella company that Paul works with, he is joining Matt to talk about a new branch of the company called PT Avenue. PT Avenue is not a fundraising company; however, it is a software company that helps make the lives of PTA board members as hassle-free as possible by helping to consolidate and manage PTA memberships, parents, kids, finances, and almost every other aspect that goes into managing and running a PTA. This web-based database is designed to help the PTA board run smoothly and make their lives as easy as possible, which Matt believes is highly valuable. From teachers, to sports teams, to clubs, to school field trips, to fundraisers, and everything in between; this database allows the PTA to maximize the use of their time while monitoring and keeping up with all the other changes made PTA board members.    

While some states PTAs have PT Avenue purchased for them, other PTAs can purchase the financial management component of this annual subscription product for $90 a year or a complete version subscription for $199 a year. This full subscription allows board members to see what the rest of the PTA is doing and micromanage multiple aspects of the PTA outside of the financial side of things. Considering the amount of time saved and stress avoided by the PTA board, the yearly price tag is a great value. 

If you or your PTA is interested in simplifying the responsibilities and technical aspect of running a PTA, PT Avenue could be the perfect opportunity for you. Simply visit , call at 972-485-1912, or email Paul Brown directly at:

Thanks for joining Matt Miller and Paul today in the School Zone! See you next week!  


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